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Property Management Package

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    • Property Management
  • What happens if I want to cancel service?
    The contract is month to month so you can cancel anytime with no cancelation fees and no hassle.
  • What year was Miami-Dade Property Management established in?
  • Does MDPM have a license and insurance?
    Yes, we have a Florida real estate brokers license. We have general and contractual liability insurance. We have fidelity & crime insurance.
  • What if I want to defer a small maintenance item? Do I have to get it repaired?
    This often occurs when investors purchase foreclosures and have a long term plan for rehabilitating the property. The answer is no, if you want to defer maintenance, we do not force you to spend money you don't want to spend.
  • What does the monthly management fee include?
    Generally speaking, the management fee encompasses three divisions of service. The accounting division which keeps books, generates reports, pays bills, and collects rent. The maintenance division which manages the repairs, renovations, and maintenance. The leasing division which leases the vacant units, renews leases annually, and performs annual inspections of the unit's condition.
  • Is physical labor for maintenance and repairs included?
    No, but we manage the needed repairs.
  • What areas does MDPM service?
    We an national company servicing the United States of America.
  • Are there any additional fees or taxes aside from the $100/mo. management fee?
  • By what date will I receive the rent?
    Rent payments are sent directly from the tenant into your bank account. So as soon as the tenant pays it.
  • Will I have to pay a listing commission to MDPM for leasing my unit?
    No, MDPM does not charge commissions. Your property will get listed on the MLS by simply paying the management fee monthly. If the tenant is represented by an agent, you will have to pay half a months rent commission to their agent.
  • Is the management of renovations included in the monthly management fee?
  • Do you handle the eviction process?
    We manage the process. We post the warning notices. We hire an eviction attorney for the eviction. The legal and court costs are the owner's responsibility to pay. The approximate cost for the attorney to file a residential eviction is $1000 plus court fees which are $260 plus a $115 sheriff fee. For further legal questions you can contact our attorney at
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